Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator



Porting & Publishing: Pineapple Works

Engine: Unity
Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: 3.01.2022 (NS)
Links: Presskit

Become an ace motorcycle mechanic. Buy used motorcycles, repair, and sell them for a profit. Work with 15 types of motorbikes. Develop a workshop and attract as many customers as you can. Customize bikes or create your own dream bike from hundreds of available parts.

Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator allows you to be a top motorcycle mechanic. Your main aim is to be the best mechanic you can, with loads of really happy clients.

You start your adventure in a small home workshop which you will need to grow to become the best motorcycle workshop in the world. Test your bikes on a track, check the quality of your repairs and improve bike performance with fine-tuning.


  • 15 motorcycles!
  • Regular and tricky requests from clients.
  • Repairs system (buy, sell, mount, unmount parts).
  • Paint parts.
  • Auction system (buy, restore & sell motorcycles for profit).
  • Develop your skills.
  • Expand your garage.
  • Motorcycle customization.
  • Junkyard.
  • Test your bikes on the 1/4 mile track!
  • Endless gameplay – clients always come back with new problems

Pineapple Works is currently in the PORT phase of this particular project (NS published, Xbox and PS remaining).

Company info

Pineapple Works sp. z o.o.
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Share capital: 5000 PLN


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