Dance of Cards



Developer: GoodMorningMrFrog
Porting & Publishing: Pineapple Works

Engine: Godot Engine
Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
Release Date: 14/04/2023 (Steam), 2024 (consoles)

Sixteen passengers aboard the ocean liner Magnific, who set sail to the shores of the New World in search of a better life, become trapped in a cruel and deadly game of cards.

With no option to escape, they are forced to accept the rules and put their lives at stake for a fleeting hope of salvation.

During the seven days, players will face each other at the poker table to decide whose life will be taken next. Cheat, bluff and build trust with others to survive until the end of the cruise – and don’t forget that everything is up to chance.


  • A unique blend of poker and RPG
  • 16 colourful characters you can form a team with – each with their distinct talents and playstyles
  • A tale of chance and certainty
  • A ship to explore, full of mysteries and unexpected findings
  • Additional Death Gambles – for the brave ones, and those who are out of luck
  • Soundtrack teeming with danceable anxiety
  • Online Play mode where you can compete against other players

Company info

Pineapple Works sp. z o.o.
KRS 0000688912
REGON 367940523
NIP/VAT ID PL5272815227
Share capital: 5000 PLN


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